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During this year our church made a major decision. The Mission Board/Christian Service has been reimagined as South Church Cares. They are responsible for collecting food each month and distributing it to local food pantries. Recently they led a used phone drive to benefit Avenues to Independence, a program that provides employment for adults with intellectual, physical, and developmental challenges. They decided that the church will match the amount collected during each of our three yearly denominational offerings, up to $1000 per offering.

South Church Cares has also been given the responsibility to distribute up to $35,000 each year to charities and causes. They’ve been meeting most of the year deciding to whom to write checks, guided by this year’s theme, Nourishing Body and Soul.


South Church can be proud that we have chosen to not only be good stewards by investing the money we made from the sale of the property but that we are sharing our treasure in meaningful, impactful, and carefully chosen ways.

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